About Terhi

Ring 2013

Ring 2013

Terhi Tolvanen is a Finnish contemporary jeweller, living in France after twenty years in Amsterdam. Tolvanen studied at the Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam for six years, inclusive the Sandberg Institute for two years.

Due to her Scandinavian heritage Terhi has a natural affinity with nature. Her personal vision is identified by the concept which is based on the idea of the impact of culture on nature and vice versa.

Tolvanen sometimes literally uses branches and gems in her work. By doing so, she searches for new aesthetic possibilities without succumbing to noncommittal sweetness. This jewellery is both suggestive and poetic.

What makes Tolvanen’s work special is her attention to detail, technical refinement, and her understanding of the practical demands jewels make. A striking feature of her jewellery is that the hand of man is always present in a natural, logical way. By this, she shows that, with attention and scrupulousness, culture and nature can reach great heights together.


‘Formulas1′ Bracelet 2006

‘Formulas1′ Bracelet 2006

 ‘Parrot tulip’ brooch 2012

‘Parrot tulip’ brooch 2012

‘Bleu’ Ring 2010

‘Bleu’ Ring 2010


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