Jewelcamp #1 2014

jewelcamp image 1

A professional development workshop for the Handshake2 participants at Whitireia Performance Centre, Wellington: 26 – 27 April 2014.

The mentees were introduced to the protocols and logistics of their HS project.
1) Communication (writing, discussion/meeting skills, individual planning/timeline), facilitated by Mary-Jane Duffy
2) Funding, Shake your Money-Maker (planning, fundraising and budget skills), facilitated by Joany Grima
3) Exhibition practice (editing, marketing, preparations, sending, install and de-install) facilitated by Mark Hutchins-Pond
4) The structure and ‘unpacking’ of the Handshake2 project (planning, aims and objectives, positives, pitfalls, exhibition and fundraising planning) facilitated by Peter Deckers in conjunction with Neke Moa, Becky Bliss, Sharon Fitness, Sarah Read, Jhana Millers, Hilda Gascard, Vivien Atkinson

jewelcamp image 2

Mary-Jane Duffy, ‘communication’ workshop

jewelcamp image 3Joany Grima, Funding and planning workshop

jewelcamp image 4

Handshake dinner

Dinner footage :

What happens after Jewelcamp1:
Ten sessions with the mentee’s mentor are planned for 2014, consisting of 1 hour sessions, or smaller sessions through eg email and/or smaller Skype sessions.
After Jewelcamp each mentee will make contact with their mentor to discuss a mutual schedule convenient for both parties. One exhibition is planned for 2014: Toi Pōneke, opening Fr 21 November 2014.

The 10 mentor feedback sessions are divided up between May and December 2014. This will be dependent of the mentee’s and mentor’s own timeline. Each mentee will have a slightly different pathway, due to mentor and mentee’s home/work pressures, modes and style of working, etc.

Each individual session:
Before each scheduled feedback session the mentee will work on a structure, preparing how to show their models/experiments, pictures, ideas, discuss research etc and prepare for questions.

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