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Handshake 2 is funded by Creative New Zealand and supported by; Makers 101, JEMbooks and Whitireia NZ. Handshake 2 has an online shop for additional fundraising activities.

Take me to the shop

Previous Fundraising Activities

Pieces by Handshake 2 mentees were sold from Salon Rouge. All proceeds from sales went to help offset costs to mentees associated with participation in Handshake2.

‘Salon Rouge’, is a performance piece by Wellington jeweller and artist Vivien Atkinson, a mobile gallery in a coat.

Salon Rouge was installed in the side window-gallery at AVID and is ‘resting’ there until Monday July 14th.

While exhibiting new work from the Handshake2 participants this performance piece made short tours into the Wellington community.

SalonRouge Nadines photo 2


One thought on “fundraising shop”

  1. Hilda Gascard says:

    Salon Rouge has been a great promotional coat for the HS 2 mentees work. Thanks so much, Vivian.

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