About Lisa

It has never been my intention to tell a story but to begin a conversation…

Cluster 2012 Rubber, stainless steel, magnets 31cm x 19.5cm

Cluster 2012
Rubber, stainless steel, magnets
31cm x 19.5cm

Necklace #1(Overexposed) 2013 Rubber, 925 silver, mixed media, stainless steel [Photo credit: Tineke Jansen]

Necklace #1 (Overexposed) 2013
Rubber, copper, mixed media
[Photo credit: Tineke Jansen]

Stacked 2014 Rubber, 925 silver 48cm x 6cm

Stacked 2014
Rubber, sterling silver
48cm x 6cm





















Largely material led play has become an important part of my methodology giving rise to the element of surprise and creating a visual curiosity intended to engage the viewer whilst still allowing room for personal dialogue.

Embracing the ‘space between’ the past and the present – the visible and the invisible – the real and the imagined, much of my work relies on an emotive response (albeit personal) referencing what has gone before and reinterpreting this through material choice and abstraction of familiar forms.


Lisa Higgins moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2003 and graduated from Hungry Creek Art & Craft School in 2012.                     She currently lives and works in Auckland. https://www.facebook.com/LisaHigginsJewellery





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