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Raewyn Walsh and Henriette Schuster

About Raewyn    About Henriette March 2016 Handshake reflection. I first met Henriette at her workshop and gallery space early in 2014. There I asked her to tell me about her work. ‘Take a look and then you will see’ she told me: so I did. […]

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Amelia Pascoe and Ruudt Peters

About Amelia     About Ruudt Monday 18 January – And end and a new beginning Turns out wrapping up a blog series is just as hard as starting one!! I have, however, been lucky enough to be selected for Handshake3 – the next instalment of this […]


Kelly McDonald and Kirsten Haydon

About Kelly    About Kirsten 29th June 2014 – Patch up and Pump up… I’ve come back to making after a long hiatus for motherhood. The Handshake 2 project offers an opportunity to accelerate my practice. More specifically, to re-establish a sustainable and enduring practice regardless of […]

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Lisa Higgins and Cal Lane

  About Lisa    About Cal   THANK-YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT: {THE END}                     THE BEGINNING…   AND IT’S HERE OUR FOURTH AND FINAL HS2 EXHIBITION:   EXHIBITED @ R.A.W (Reactions After Wunderruma curated  by Jo […]

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Vanessa Arthur and David Neale

About Vanessa    About David -><- As with any conclusion, the end of the Handshake project for me, feels just as much of an exciting beginning, as an end. My attitude towards making has changed dramatically through conversations with David and I feel so grateful to […]

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Renee Bevan and Harrell Fletcher

About Renee    About Harrell 14th December 2015 Well they say time flies when your having fun … Handshake2 certainly has flown by! Firstly THANK YOU Peter and Hilda; having created this project and given us this opportunity has been truly invaluable. What other project allows someone to […]

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Sarah Walker-Holt and Helen Britton

About Sarah   About Helen 11 January 2016 Rounding Up – A Dissection and Configuration of Being a Mentee The Mentorship: When I was initially selected for Handshake 2 and told Helen was happy to accept being my mentor, I was quite nervous. Even though I had […]


Kathryn Yeats and Ben Pearce

About Kathryn    About Ben   20 December 2015 Reflections on Handshake 2 Handshake 2 has been a valuable experience for me, providing a space both to experiment and expand my practice and to consider and refine it. Ben has been a great mentor and incredibly […]

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Karren Dale and Gemma Draper

About Karren    About Gemma 24 November 2015 Well it is almost our final show as part of handshake2.  I have enjoyed keeping busy with deadlines and having occasional social gatherings to get to know the wider jewellery community.  Personally in my life I have had […]


Tineke Jansen and Ela Bauer

About Tineke    About Ela Masterworks – Chain Show BDVA – Photography These past two years whilst being a mentee of Handshake, I have been completing a BDVA in photography. I am happy to announce that I have finished my degree. Here I share insights from the […]